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Make package explicitly installed in pacman

So I've been stupid and removed my /var/lib/pacman/local dir.
Without backup, but with a root shell open at tty4. O yeah, pacman -Sf with the base repo also overwrites your /etc/passwd. Thank god for .pacorig.

I still have my pacman logs, but all the packages are already installed. Pacman outputs errors that the files already exist.
How can I install packages without modifying files? (pacman -S --fake --noextract)
I've also tried the -D switch but that only works for installed packages.

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  • I don't know bout not modifying files. but you could force pacman to overwrite those files? pacman -S --force – Stefan Dec 1 '10 at 8:14
  • I did, (pacman -Sf), but my system already runs for about 2 years so all the config files and changes would also be moved to .pacorig files. That is not what I want, I just need to tell pacman: screw what you think, I say this package is installed. – Anonymous Dec 1 '10 at 12:47