I would have commented here ( What is the maximum allowed filename (and folder) size with eCryptfs? ), but my points were not enough. So I guess, I am forced to put up a new, old question.

What is the maximum allowed filename (and folder) size with eCryptfs?

I believe, this question is not sufficiently answered (at least not for me) in the post mentioned above. To be precise: What is meant by " Empirically, we have found that character filenames longer than 143 characters start requiring >255 characters to encrypt. So we (as eCryptfs upstream developers) typically recommend you limit your filenames to ~140 characters."

What is a filename here? Does it mean ONLY the filename+extension? Does it mean all-the-path+filename+extension?

Does it mean, that the complete path can be 140 characters AND the filename (incl. extension) can have another 140 characters?

Thanks a lot Olaf

  • Ext4 filesystems accept filenames of not more than 255 bytes. Pathnames are not really limited in length, but PATH_MAX is defined as 4096, and thus some programs may object to longer pathnames. The limitation you are asking about refers to filenames, not pathnames. – AlexP May 25 '18 at 16:26
  • @AlexP . Thank you for making that difference. – databasedev May 27 '18 at 7:41

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