Note: this is not about using nfs for the rootfs or using tftp to download a kernel.

U-boot is based on v2017.11, the board is custom but similar to the imx6dl-sabresd.

I've set CONFIG_CMD_NFS=y in .config. I have a working nfs server on an Arch Linux host. I can mount the nfs share as my rootfs.

My nfs share is at /srv/nfs/foo, and /etc/exports.d/foo.exports looks like

/srv/nfs/foo *(rw,async,no_subtree_check,no_root_squash)

When I try to do e.g. nfs $loadaddr $nfsroot/boot/zImage, it just keeps printing T for timeout. (nfsroot=/srv/nfs/foo to match the export.) The file exists on the share and the network is working (ping $serverip works).


I needed to enable udp on the nfs server. On Arch Linux, this is in /etc/nfs.conf:


I don't have any other customization (other than exports).

Looking into this it seems like newer versions of nfs (for reference, I'm using nfs-utils 2.3.1) disable udp by default, but apparently u-boot needs udp support.

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  • Correct, at this point in time we do not support TCP for NFS, only UDP, so you must have that enabled on the server. – Tom Rini May 25 '18 at 1:46

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