For instance, I put symbolic links into ~/.local/bin/ which point to real executable files in ~/Dotfiles.d/local/.local/bin/.

I use the following instructions to do that:

$ cd ~/Dotfiles.d/
$ stow -v local

so stow will create links for all files in local (which contains .local/bin/*) into ~/.local/bin/*

But when I need to add new files into the bin directory, whether I add file in ~/.local/bin/ or ~/Dotfiles.d/local/.local/bin/, stow is not able to sync files between these two directories.

What I want is:

  1. If add new file into ~/.local/bin/ directly, it will actually add new file into ~/Dotfiles.d/local/.local/bin automatically, and create a symbolic link into ~/.local/bin/ automatically.
  2. If I add new file into ~/Dotfiles.d/local/.local/bin/, it will automatically create a symbolic link of this file into ~/.local/bin/.

Is stow able to do that?

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