Is there a way to change the subnet ("cluster network") used for a Ceph cluster without having to basically rebuild it from scratch? The Ceph cluster lives on the same machines that make up a PVE HA cluster. The PVE cluster is also the client to the Ceph cluster.

Here's the situation. My Ceph configuration, that is /etc/pve/ceph.conf, looks roughly like this:

    cluster network =
    public network =
    ; ... some more stanzas

    host = pve1
    mon addr =

    host = pve2
    mon addr =

Now I'd like to move the whole Ceph cluster from to How would I go about that?

I realize that I should stop any clients using the Ceph cluster. No big deal. That can be done. However, the configuration for Ceph lives on the pmxcfs inside /etc/pve. So all of the Ceph cluster members share the exact same configuration. This, it seems to me, introduces a possible race condition.

Will it be sufficient to keep corosync and pmxcfs running and stopping any Ceph-related services, then make the change to /etc/pve/cep.conf and then start the Ceph-related services again?

NB: it's intentional that cluster and public network are identical.

  • Here's the same question for a PVE cluster: > Changing your public network requires restarting every daemon. Here's another thread in the proxmox forum. – eblock Sep 28 '18 at 10:00

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