I want to create a final infrastructure to boot a PXE custom kernel image, but through the process I'm stuck creating a middle "live" CD ISO using a previously compiled custom kernel image with the live-build tool.

I don't know how/where to specifiy the lb config/live build tool to use my own kernel deb package instead the default amd64-kernel flavour.

I think that I have to use the --linux-packages parameter, but I don't really understand how. I can't find any kind of info or example. I have read all the man pages and so on, but I'm stuck.

My current auto/lb config:

*lb config no auto \  
    --architectures amd64 \  
    --distribution stretch \    
    --system live \  
    --chroot-filesystem squashfs \  
    --apt-recommends false \  
    --apt-indices none \  
    --memtest none \  
    --debian-installer false \  
    --interactive shell \  
    --bootloaders syslinux \ 
    --bootappend-live "boot=live components hostname=test username=test sudo" \  

How can I create a live image with custom compiled kernel?


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Srry i'm late But for others who are also want to do this... Well you can put custom compiled kernel debs on config/packages.chroot folder ... And lb build will automatically install them

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