I'd like to change default keys which manipulate window. For example default set is: maximize: x key but unmaximze: is e key I really want to have for example x key for maximize and unmaximze. How to change that?


I'd like to change letters binded to menu items, from 'alt + space' menu: So..

alt + space (menu shows), then menu items are:

  • 'Send to desktop' binded with 's' letter
  • Layer binded with 'l' letter
  • Move binded with 'm' letter
  • so on..

I'd like to change these letter, like: 's', 'l' and 'm'..

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You can find key binding definitions here, And window actions here.

An example here to set Ctrl + Shift + A for toggling window maxmize state:

edit your ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml, put in these lines:

  <keybind key="C-S-a">
    <action name="ToggleMaximize">
  • This accomplish that but not the way, i'd like. See updated my question.
    – xliiv
    Aug 3, 2012 at 7:59

This is cannot be achieved without source modification according to:


However there are 2 walkarounds:

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