Can an IMAP folder be moved within mutt? If one navigates to the list of folders (c?), the default key bindings allow one to create a new mailbox (C), change mailbox/folder (c), delete a mailbox (d), or rename a mailbox (r). However, I don't know how to move an existing folder to another folder (thereby becoming a subfolder of the destination folder) or to move a subfolder up one or more levels in the directory structure (e.g., mv folder ..). How can these move operations be performed?


Mutt supports directory components in the path you give when you rename (r). To move =dir1/dir2/dir3 to dir1, you can do the following:

  1. Type c<Tab> to invoke the folder browser.
  2. Navigate to dir2 and select dir3.
  3. Type r. Enter dir1/dir3.

I'm not sure I understand the specification of the destination path. .. doesn't behave like I'd expect it too. Special variables like = don't either.


You just rename it, but IMAP's folder structure isn't the same as the UNIX filesystem. It can be implemented that way, but it often isn't. The hierarchy is often emulated as a bunch of folders in one directory with the name reflecting the hierarchy getting there.

So I have a folder Computers with a subfolder Servers. When I go to rename the Servers folder mutt shows it's current name (for me to change) as Computers.Servers. If I change it just to Servers, suddenly the folder is moved to the "root" of my mail folders.

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