I'm running Debian 9with Xfce 4. Window titles look like this after installing a bunch of packages.

Window font in my Debian 9 / Xfce 4

How do I change it? Going to Settings > Appearance lets me change system font, but that does not change window title font.


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Xfce has a separate settings for window title font.

Font settings for window title in Xfce

In Xfce, go to Settings > Windows Manager > Style.

  • Look for Title font with a selectable long button in upper-right area.
  • Click on the long button, then a smaller window will appear that allows user to change font family, font style and font size.
  • Finally, click OK to finish.

The placement of font settings at different location is the norm in Xfce, so user will have to get used to this oddness. Perhaps this actually hints that Xfce prefers to be modular.


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