I have configured everything necessary to log in with an AD account into Linux (Kerberos v5, SSSD, Samba and NTP), but when I connect with Putty to the server, the default shell that starts is /bin/sh.

I use a Mac Mini PowerPC and have installed SSSD version 1.13.4.

/etc/sssd/sssd.conf file:

services = nss, pam
config_file_version = 2
domains = <FQDN>
reconnection_retries = 3
debug_level = 5

default_shell = /bin/bash
debug_level = 5

debug_level = 5

id_provider = ad
access_provider = ad
default_shell = /bin/bash
override_homedir = /home/%u
debug_level = 5

I have this error:

daniel.luna@devsrv2:~$ exit


login as: daniel.luna
daniel.luna<FQDN>'s password:
Last login: Thu May 17 11:35:51 2018 from
-sh: 24: u@h:: not found

I need to configure everything so that I start bash by default, any help?


What is your user's loginShell LDAP attribute? This is typically what determines a user's shell when using LDAP/AD backends for SSSD.

You can verify a user's shell with a couple different tools.

Using getent passwd, the shell will be the 7th (last) field:

[hendrenj@pitserver ~]$ getent passwd hendrenj

Or using sssctl user-checks, you can grep for the shell:

[hendrenj@pitserver ~]$ sudo sssctl user-checks hendrenj 2>&1 | grep shell
 - shell: /bin/bash

If the reported shell is something other than /bin/bash, you will need to update the shell attribute on the LDAP side of things. If the reported shell is /bin/bash, then the problem is local. Either you have a configuration error in your sssd.conf, or /bin/bash is not what it claims to be, or the user's .bashrc file is exec'ing a different shell, or some other local problem.

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