How does one interactively rename an IMAP folder within the mutt MUA? Currently, if I want to change a folder name, I use the gmail web browser interface, but this is rather inefficient. Is there an equivalent of the unix mv command in mutt?

When I search for this topic on google, the search results pertain to renaming local mutt folders and files like .muttrc.


You can rename IMAP folder in mutt, while you are changing a folder and you are in the list of folders:


(change folder, then use a list of folders).

When you are on the folder, which has to been renamed, use 'r' key and you will be asked for the new name of folder.

  • When I was searching the internet for how to do this, I came across a post that said that one could use the r key, but I was confused because r is bound to reply by default. Now, it is clear that this applies only in the context of the list of folders. When I rename a folder by pressing r, I receive the following prompt: Rename mailbox 'X' to: [C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[ -- there are precisely 36 repeats of [[C^, which I must delete before typing the name. Do you know why this string of characters appears and how I can avoid it besides deleting it each time I choose to rename a folder? Thanks.
    – user001
    Aug 2 '12 at 6:00
  • It's unclear for me... It can give you the IMAP server... Maybe it is some UTF-8 characters? I can only guess... I have in the prompt actual (old) name of the IMAP folder...
    – Jan Marek
    Aug 2 '12 at 6:32
  • If you're renaming a subscribed folder, I'd also recommend pressing u to unsubscribe while viewing the list of folders, before renaming the folder. Otherwise, you'll be left with a subscription to a folder that no longer exists. Jun 16 '20 at 14:46

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