mount /dev/sdb1 dir1
mount /dev/sdb1 dir2
touch dir1/file1
touch dir2/file2

I'm worried about the collision of writing data, which may result in some corruption of the filesystem.

I read through man mount and man umount, but nothing about this was found. Actually, man umount implies this(=mounting on many directories) can happen but doesn't refer to the safeness.

(I just tested the situation and, at this moment, no problem has happened.)


You can mount a file system as often as you want. This is what bind mounts (mount --bind) do anyway.

A block device (containing the file system) cannot be opened a second time, though. But a second mount does not open the block device again. The second mount is just a feature of the virtual file system (VFS). The block device does not notice that.

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