Is there such a feature? The executable would be run if found after the usual boot time mounting. Preferably standard Unix filesystem path; for example, /root/autorun.sh, not (hd0,0)/root/autorun.sh. This can be useful with live CDs.


I don't think the kernel would do that. It can't know how and when to start the process, since the boot-time actions like mounting all filesystems are done in userspace, and the kernel can't know when it's done.

But the kernel command line is visible in /proc/cmdline, so you could create a tool look for a particular parameter there, and then start the named program. You could then start that tool in some system-level startup script that runs late enough (like /etc/rc.local), or in the live user's X startup files if you want to start a graphical program.

In any case, you'll need to create your own live-CD to include that.

  • I meant live CDs that I don't have to create. If I create my own live CD I can make it run even two such executables :). By the way, I don't want the kernel to do it directly, whatever that means. I just need a boot parameter. I've found parameters that referred to things that assumed mounting plus I totally don't mind it just running the command after a delay or indeed trying again a few times until the first success. – argle May 20 '18 at 10:51

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