Let's suppose the following (very simplified egress tcp queuing) flow:

 -->[app (nginx)]
 -->(qdisc txqueuelen)
 -->[ring buffer(tx_rx)]

For the tx ring buffer I can use the driver script to ensure that the affinity and its multiple queues are split by cpu/core.

For the egress qdisc I can use the fq_codel and for an application (like nginx) I do have some ways too (ie: cpu_worker_affinity).

But how I can make sure that an application running on a CPU/core X is in the same CPU/core that its network flow (send_buffer) is running?

To sum up, does an application always run (when pined) in the same CPU/core as its tcp send buffer is? (if yes, how does the linux does this?)



The keyword you're looking for is XPS: Transmit Packet Steering. Well documented upstream, this should answer your questions.

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