We are setting up a development environment in the office with a dedicated web server running WHM.

This server is joined to the domain

realm join --user=administrator example.com

and the ssh access is setup along with the permissions. Issues arise when WHM creates a new Cpanel account.

From what I understand CPanel creates a user/group combo for each cpanel account. So adding our AD users to group created by cpanel should allows us to edit the files, but that is not the case.

usermod -aG newcpanelgroup username

Than try to access the files or list the files in that new cpanel account returns.

ls: cannot open directory .: Permission denied

but sudo ls will list the directory contents of the account. What permissions am I missing or not setting that this is failing? or is there no support for AD users?

Adding the permissions of the root /vhosts/ where cpanel is set to create the accounts. Listing the directory contents at this level works without issue. The example account on the server is simpleoffice.

drwx--x--x. 13 simpleoffice simpleoffice 4096 May 21 10:06 simpleoffice

Entering the root of the simpleoffice directory is also not an issue. But trying to access any of the directories below it give permission denied. Here are the permissions listed as su.

drwxr-x---.  3 simpleoffice mail          45 May 21 10:06 etc
drwx------.  2 simpleoffice simpleoffice   6 May 21 10:06 logs
drwxr-x--x. 10 simpleoffice simpleoffice 147 May 21 10:06 mail
drwxr-x---.  3 simpleoffice simpleoffice  22 May 21 10:06 public_ftp
drwxr-x---.  4 simpleoffice simpleoffice  40 May 21 10:07 public_html
drwxr-xr-x.  5 simpleoffice simpleoffice  77 May 21 10:06 ssl
drwxr-xr-x.  2 simpleoffice simpleoffice   6 May 21 10:06 tmp
lrwxrwxrwx.  1 simpleoffice simpleoffice  11 May 21 10:06 www -> public_html

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