I'have some problem with build-essentials on Debian Stretch. Since an npm command fail, and the symptom is build-essentials not installed, I reinstalled it from scratch. When checking version, all seems ok except make:

make -v

reports /usr/bin/make syntax error near unexpected token....

What can be wrong? it seems to run make as if it was a shell script ( just my guess ) how this can be?

UPDATE By reinstalling just make, it worked:

apt-get install make --reinstall

sooo reliable system...

enter image description here

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Looks like your /usr/bin/make was at least partially overwritten with something else. This might mean you have some filesystem corruption. Which filesystem type(s) are you using?

You might want to run a full filesystem check to see if you have more filesystem corruption than just one overwritten /usr/bin/make. If you are using XFS, you should be aware that the generic fsck or fsck.xfs commands do nothing at all for XFS filesystems, as this filesystem type is supposed to do all "routine" checks internally. To just check for errors on a XFS filesystem, you should use xfs_repair -n. As always, filesystem checks should be run with the filesystem in question unmounted, or mounted as read-only if it's your root filesystem.

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