I have a partition image that contains a 1MB file populated with random data, and I would like to replace the contents of that file with another 1MB file populated with different random data.

I have done something similar before by creating a file with a known unique string and using sed to replace it e.g. sed -i 's/foobar_corruptiontest/barfoo_corruptiontest/' partition.img

For a solution I imagined something along the lines of:

head -c 1M </dev/urandom >fileA
head -c 1M </dev/urandom >fileB
binary_sed -i 's/<fileA/<fileB/' partition.img

I found a tool bbe which purports to be a sedlike editor for binary files, but unless I am reading the man page wrong it doesn't seem to support file input?

Side-note: In case you are very confused why anyone would want to do this, the context is I am testing verity by corrupting a file in a predictable manner, but it should bear no relevance to the question. In fact please do not consider it in an answer.

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    The writing part should be easy as dd if=fileB of=partition.img bs=1 seek=$OFFSET conv=notrunc It's getting $OFFSET that's the tricky part. Sure , some variation on grep --byte-offset could do it, if you wanted to create a pattern that matched a 1M file. – infixed May 17 '18 at 13:49
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    that's tricky but you can imagine combining dd if=samedevice skip=x count= ...| bbe ... | dd seek=x of=samedevice . since input is read before being overwritten that should do it (have a backup...) – A.B May 17 '18 at 13:53

I found a halfway decent solution, but unfortunately it requires a non-standard tool to search for the file offset. I hope that someone can come up with a better answer that only uses standard tools.

Install the tool SearchBin.

head -c 1M </dev/urandom >fileA
head -c 1M </dev/urandom >fileB
OFFSET=$(searchbin -f fileA -m 1 partition.img | head -1 | awk '{print $4}')
dd if=fileB of=paritition.img bs=1 seek=${OFFSET} conv=notrunc

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