I have two fields in logs sending time and received time mentioned in milliseconds, I have to find difference between these two fields, if it's greater than 2 seconds print those logs using shell script or Linux commands.

2017-01-27 object1(sendtime-1486743904359 ,recdtime-  1486743904500)
2017-01-27 object2(sendtime-1486743904800 ,recdtime-  1486743908000)

my log files contains other lines also, which i need filter out based on above send/received time condition and only logs which contains "sendobject" keyword. Others like request sent, request received should be ignored

Log Details--

2017-01-27 [Info]Delta Cache sendobject (empId-emp1, joindate-456,dealdate-123,sendtime-1527348020000 ,recdtime-1527348028000, salary-1k,amtpaid-EUR)
2017-01-27 [Info]Delta Cache sendobject (empId-emp2, joindate-456,dealdate-123,sendtime-1527348073000 ,recdtime-1527348074000, salary-1k,amtpaid-AUD)
2017-01-27 [Info]Requestsent| (empId-emp1, joindate-456,dealdate-123,sendtime-1527352812000 ,recdtime-1527352820000, salary-1k,amtpaid-INR)
2017-01-27 [Info]Delta Cache sendobject (empId-emp3, joindate-456,dealdate-123,sendtime-1527349111000 ,recdtime-1527349112000, salary-1k,amtpaid-GBP)
2017-01-27 [Info]Delta Cache sendobject (empId-emp4, joindate-456,dealdate-123,sendtime-1527349370000 ,recdtime-1527349375000, salary-1k,amtpaid-CAD)
2017-01-27 [Info]Requestrecicved| (empId-emp1, joindate-456,dealdate-123,sendtime-1527352812000 ,recdtime-1527352820000, salary-1k,amtpaid-INR)
2017-01-27 [Info]Delta Cache sendobject (empId-emp6, joindate-456,dealdate-123,sendtime-1527352812000 ,recdtime-1527352820000, salary-1k,amtpaid-INR)
2017-01-27 [Info]DBupdated| (empId-emp1, joindate-456,dealdate-123,sendtime-1527352812000 ,recdtime-1527352820000, salary-1k,amtpaid-INR)
  • Is there any specific time for sendtime and recdtime ? – jayeshkh007 May 17 '18 at 6:57
  • The first set of example lines you gave (containing "object1" & "object2") and the ones mentioned later under "Log Details--" have very different format. You need to fix the format. – alwayslearning May 26 '18 at 19:30
  • answer edited.- – αғsнιη May 27 '18 at 5:22
  • Later updated logs are final one.. – Unix1 May 27 '18 at 18:18

With awk you can do like:

awk -F"[- ,)]" '$(NF-1)-$5 >2000' infile
2017-01-27 object2(sendtime-1486743904800 ,recdtime-  1486743908000)

Here we defines sets of hyphen, space, comma and close parenthesis as fields separators.

to answer the revised question, try:

awk -F"[- ,]" '/sendobject/ && $18-$15 >2000' infile
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A variant on @αғsнιη's answer:

awk -F'(sen|rec)dtime-' 'NF==3 && $3 - $2 > 2000'

Or, if the logs contain all sorts of lines beside these ones, you could be even more restrictive in matching the input with perl:

perl -ne 'print if m{
    \)$}x && $2 - $1 > 2000'
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