Disclaimer: this is a duplicate question, I asked this question and then that question on another community, but I'm still not clear how to solve my problem. I just don't get it, so here I am asking a question again, maybe someone can help me on this community.

The problem is explained in the above two questions. Basically, I have developed a topology on GNS3. From within my virtual devices, i.e. PC and router on GNS3, I can ping any device on my real network, except my very own physical computer hosting the GNS3 topology. Also, from within my real host computer, I can ping any device on the network except the virtual devices like PC and router on GNS3.

I know the reason for the above observation: the host computer and virtual devices on GNS3, they all share the same MAC address, so the ARP packets sent from within the physical host cannot figure out the MAC address of the virtual devices on GNS3 and vice versa, as explained on this thread:

When trying to ping your host, the VM sends an ARP request as broadcast (destination MAC is ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff), like "Who has Tell". This message is sent to your switch/router which floods the broadcast to all ports except the port it has received the broadcast from; i.e. your local PC will never receive the broadcast originated from itself, even if the packet came from a VM.

Well, now I know the reason but I don't know how to resolve the problem. It is suggested by a community member: There are many videos and descriptions just a quick Google search away, strangely however, I don't seem to be able to find any useful material to solve my problem. Can someone please help me.

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I posted the answer to this question on another community.

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