I want to build ansible inventory and assign hosts to respective groups based on the values gathered from Clients.

Eg: Information of all the clients and their respective group will be pushed to ansible server every night in the below format.

File Format


From the content of above file i need to create ansible inventory

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  • what have you tried ? what is the expected output ? Ansible work with Yaml put can accept other format. – Kiwy May 16 '18 at 12:47

You have several options you can use here.

1) Write a script which takes those files and generates the "inventory file" format that ansible uses. Then run that script on a cron job or something after all the uploads take place.

2) Write a script which generates output format complying with the Ansible inventory JSON format, and use it as such: https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/2.5/plugins/inventory/script.html

3) Use the add_host task type as the very first task in your playbook (with a localhost host) with a loop to add the hosts.

  name: "{{ item.hostname }}"
  groups: "{{ item.group }}"
with_items: "{{ somehow inject your list here }}"

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