Do I need any drivers or special configuration if I want to use a TripleHead2Go in my Linux machine (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS), or I just need to connect it, and it will just work, and it will be visible as one?


This is a response from Matrox Graphics

Thank-you for contacting Matrox Graphics. Your message has been forwarded to us in the worldwide technical support team.

Currently Matrox does not offer support for use of the GXM units under Linux. However, in many cases you should be able to connect two displays of resolutions up to 1920x1080 or 3 displays of up to resolution 1280x1024 to a TripleHead2Go unit. Please note the potential issues that could occur outlined in the following paragraphs, and keep in mind that Matrox technical support can offer limited guidance and no definitive answers regarding your system running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Regardless of operating system, the Matrox GXM units appear to the computer as a single display with a very wide resolution. If trying to use these units under Linux, we would recommend that you use a graphics adapter that is already proven to work under Windows or Mac OS (http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/support/compatibility/gxm/home/ ). Note the display resolution limits indicated for the graphics cards in the compatibility information. Most likely you will experience the same limitations, though in some cases Linux could be more restrictive than the values listed.

A vital part of TripleHead2Go selection is that it must be matched to the appropriate type of connectors on the computer and on the displays. For example, a TripleHead2Go cannot be connected to the HDMI output of a computer (and adapters do not work). Supported connections are listed in the “Product Line” on the website:

Maximum dual and triple-display resolutions limitations are imposed by the operating system, the graphics card, and the drivers. While Matrox does not test operating systems beyond Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, the experiences of our customers indicates that the highest potential triple-display resolutions would be 1360x768 per display in most Linux distributions. Similarly, the highest potential dual-display resolutions would likely be 1920x1200 in most Linux distributions. In any case, you would want to ensure that the latest display drivers appropriate for your graphics card and Linux distribution are installed.

There is no Matrox software available for Matrox GXMs under Linux. Most Matrox TripleHead2Go units can be configured (EDID setup) using a compatible Windows computer and Matrox PowerDesk software for Windows. The maximum triple-display resolutions that can be supported by saving the desired EDIDs to our unit (using a compatible Windows computer) are 3840x1024 (3x 1280x1024) or 4080x768 (3x 1360x768). Assuming that the graphics card and the Linux display drivers for your card will accept the resolutions, this could help make the desired dual or triple-wide resolutions available.

Normally during startup the computer’s graphics adapter card and the Linux operating system’s display drivers should detect the resolutions that have been setup to the Matrox unit (the EDID information), and then make those resolutions available for selection in your Linux display controls. If you have purchased a TripleHead2Go and are trying to use it but the display resolutions are not working, our technical support team can provide a document of sample modelines. These can be edited in the Xorg.conf file to see if the resolutions can be made available. Note that many current Linux distributions (like Ubuntu ) do not use an Xorg.conf file by default, so there can be challenges creating and getting the distribution to respond to the content of an Xorg.conf file.

Should you be considering purchasing a unit with the intention of trying it, please inform yourself thoroughly about the return policies. If purchasing from shopmatrox.com, you can read the return policies in the “customer service” section of the website.

We hope the information here proves somehow helpful.


I connected a tripplehead2go on to my Ubuntu 16.04LTS machine. It works out of the box, the resolution I can select is: 3840x1024 pixel. Changed the EDID setting from a on a osx machine, but I guess its not necessary. BTW. OSX recognizes a max resolution of 7680 x 2048


OK Matrox is the authority and i'm just a wannabe user. But I have different information to offer.

My current laptop 17-by0061st was the cheapest Hp laptop also refurbished that i could buy at the time because of personal constraints. I have ran and am running 3 monitors with Matrox triplehead2go DE in Ubuntu 18.04 and now 20.04.

I bought the th2g more than 10 years ago and used it in win XP all the way up to win 10 and then in 2 versions of Ubuntu. In Ubuntu i'm using no software to support the Matrox box. Ubuntu sees it as a single display and i get currently 3072x768 stretched across 3 Phillips 24" 1920x1080 (16.9) monitors (246E9QDSB).

No HDMI support? hum, call my configuration crazy but it works. I have a HDMI VGA adapter in the HDMI out of the laptop to the Matrox VGA in. Then out to dual band DVI-D input on the monitors. Earlier in my quest for higher resolution I used single band DVI-I which worked as well. Hope this helps.

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