I'm trying to change de behaviour of pressing key AltGR + z. Now, when I press this combination of keys, character « is written, but I would like to write < symbol.

I executed this command:

xmodmap -e 'keycode 52 = z Z z Z less guillemotleft'

This command works fine, but changes aren't permanent. How could I make it permanent, or how could I change the behaviour of AltGR (mod1) + z?

Note: less: < guillemotleft: «

Thank you very much.


Try to put your command in ~/.config/openbox/autostart.

This file is executed by openbox on startup (for more information on openbox autostart see the Openbox Wiki)

  • I tried to do that. It works most of time, but when working some time with the computer, setup is replaced (I don't conditions to happen that) – class_OpenGL May 20 '18 at 10:36

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