The following is an excerpt from iw's help page:

dev <devname> set monitor *
        Set monitor flags. Valid flags are:
        none:     no special flags
        fcsfail:  show frames with FCS errors
        control:  show control frames
        otherbss: show frames from other BSSes
        cook:     use cooked mode
        active:   use active mode (ACK incoming unicast packets)
        mumimo-groupid : use MUMIMO according to a group id
        mumimo-follow-mac : use MUMIMO according to a MAC address

What is "cooked mode" wifi monitoring?

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    In general, Cooked mode means preprocessing of data before giving it to some program or system. So, iw must be activating some setting which gonna process first . Thoughe no idea, what exactly iw gonna processes here in this setting. – mkmayank May 15 '18 at 11:26

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