I have this command locally:

  nc localhost 3440 | tar -x -O > ores.tgz

if I receive one file from the server, it will be written to ores.tgz in my pwd.

However, if I receive multiple files from the server, it looks like only the last file I receive will be saved to the file, probably overwriting all of the previous ones.

So my question is - is there some way to save multiple files to different filenames in my pwd, using a similar command?


You can save it with timestamp suffix in this manner:

nc localhost 3440 | tar -x -O > ores-$(date +%s.%N).tgz

It will produce files with names like this:


Of cause you can remove nanosecond precision (%N) if your intensity of download isn't high.

  • wow I never would have thought that would be the way to do it! – Alexander Mills May 15 '18 at 0:04
  • I wonder how why this works under the hood – Alexander Mills May 15 '18 at 0:33

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