There are so many color schemes for terminal environment, themes for shell and color coding schema for vim. I wonder what's the relation between them and do they interfere with each other?

For example, I'm using iterm2 terminal emulator, Oh My Zsh framework for zsh shell configuration and vim-cpp-enhanced-highlight for c++ code coloring in vim.

  1. The color preset of my iterm2 is Solarized Dark

  2. The zsh_theme of my .zhrc file is set as apple

  3. I've followed this page to installed the Solarized Dark color scheme for vim

  4. For c++ code highlight enhancement I've downloaded vim-cpp-enhanced-highlight

Issues I have

  1. I have 4 color related sachems so far, what's relation between them? Why 3 is needed if the entire terminal emulator has already set the color schema to Solarized Dark

  2. The c++ color highlighting is not working at all when I open a c++ source file(I do have filetype on set in vim ), is it because the color schema is overwritten by the setting in list-item 3 above?

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