I have Synergy installed on Ubuntu 18.04 (this is not the new version 2, fwiw). Apparently, it has a requirement of libcurl3. However, the machine also runs as a hypervisor and I need to use libguestfs-tools to access disk images which requires a different version of curl.

So, when I run apt install libguestfs-tools, it tries to remove both libcurl3 and synergy. I have stopped it thus far, but am hoping that there might be a way to isolate one or the other into a sandbox or some other alternative method to be able to have both installed simultaneously.

Apologies if this is a duplicate, but I wasn't sure how to phrase the question.


The whole libcurl3/libcurl4 situation is quite complex, and Ubuntu 18.04 appears to have shipped with a rather unfortunate combination. There is a bug tracking the issue, although it doesn’t seem to have much traction on the Canonical side of things; you could add your feedback there.

This comment on the bug gives a workaround:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xapienz/curl34
sudo apt-get update

This should allow you to install both synergy and libguestfs-tools simultaneously.

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