I'm trying to find a way to have tmux start for a specific user on boot. The tmux session should run two Python scripts.

I think I could start Python as mentioned here, but I'd rather have it in a tmux session.

Is that possible and how could I accomplish that?

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    Most cron implementations has a @reboot tag to run jobs on boot. – Kusalananda May 13 '18 at 16:05

In my case, I have a user account just for the purpose of running one single script, so I provide a default tmux configuration in that user's home directory by creating a file ~/.tmux.conf

My ~/.tmux.conf file looks (roughly) like this:

new-session -d -s MYSESSIONNAME
set -g status off
new-window ~/my-startup-script.sh

my-startup-script.sh needs to have the +x permission set, obviously.

To start the ~/.tmux.conf tmux script, issue the command

tmux start-server

On a system where cron @reboot runs too early in the boot sequence, I run a shell script of the pattern

source ~/.bash_profile
if tmux has-session -t auto-session > /dev/null 2>&1; then
    tmux new-session -d -s auto-session -n foo bar
    tmux new-window -d -t auto-session

regularly every few minutes via crontab

*/2 * * * * $HOME/path/to/start-user-auto-session.bash

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