I wrote this script for logging emails if disk-space is more than 90. Please help me get the output in separate lines. Here is my code:




for line in `df | awk '{print$6, $5, $4, $1} ' `

# get the percent and chop off the %
percent=`echo "$line" | awk -F - '{print$5}' | cut -d % -f 1`
partition=`echo "$line" | awk -F - '{print$1}' | cut -d % -f 1`

# Let's set the limit to 90% when alert should be sent

if [[ $percent -ge $limit ]]; then
    errortext="$errortext $line"

# send an email
if [ -n "$errortext" ]; then
echo "$errortext" | mail -s "NOTIFICATION: Some partitions on almost 
full"         $EMAILS

Don't try to save output in variables, and don't try to iterate over output from commands when you don't need to.


mailto=( abc1@xyz.com abc2@xyz.com )
tmpfile=$( mktemp )

df | awk '0+$5 > 90' >"$tmpfile"

if [ -s "$tmpfile" ]; then
    mail -s 'NOTIFICATION: Some partitions on almost full' "${mailto[@]}" <"$tmpfile"

rm -f "$tmpfile"

This mails the relevant lines of the df output to the addresses listed in the mailto array if there are any lines whose percentages exceeds 90%. The 0+$5 will force awk to interpret the fifth field as a number. The -s test on a file succeeds if the file is not empty. mktemp creates a temporary file and returns its name.

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