Before I can to connect to a particular remote machine I have to run a certain local command. So instead of ssh me@remote.machine I have to do

ssh me@remote.machine

I would like to automate this so that I only have to do ssh remote.machine.

I know that I can achieve this at the shell level by creating my own ssh script that calls /usr/bin/ssh, but can I do it using the ProxyCommand option of ssh_config?

As far as I understand it, I need something like

Host remote.machine
    ProxyCommand local_command; ssh me@remote.machine

in my ~/.ssh/config file, but not exactly this of course because it's circular!

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If using ProxyCommand, you must use something like /usr/bin/nc to connect the server.

For invoking your command before connect, you need to use sh -c "command list" to merge the two commands as one.

Host remote.machine
    ProxyCommand sh -c "local_command; /usr/bin/nc %h %p"


If your local_command is too complicated, you can use a script:

cat my_connect.sh

/usr/bin/nc "$1" "$2"

The ssh config becomes:

Host remote.machine
        ProxyCommand /path_to_my_connect.sh %h %p

At the last, you can add your own proxy to the /usr/bin/nc


Use the example from the page you linked:

ProxyCommand /usr/bin/nc -X connect -x %h %p

Invokes nc (netcat) to connect to a proxy (proxy running on and passes %h and %p to the ssh command (%h = hostname, %p = port)

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