I need to load the drbd module on my CentOS server at boot time. I know a module can be loaded without the need of a restart using modprobe drbd but of course after a system reboot I would have to load it again manually. I came across Persistent Module Loading and it says

Kernel modules are usually loaded directly by the facility that requires them, which is given correct settings in the /etc/modprobe.conf file.

I don't have the conf file, just the /etc/modprobe.d/ directory.

Next it says:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux checks for the existence of the /etc/rc.modules file at boot time, which contains various commands to load modules.

So not sure whether this applies only to RHEL or CentOS as well (it's CentOS documentation) but /etc/rc.moduleswas missing as well.

After executing:

# echo modprobe foo >> /etc/rc.modules 
# chmod +x /etc/rc.modules

I can see the drbd module being loaded even after a reboot:

enter image description here

Is it ok how I did it ? Second question - the CentOS 7 OS I'm using is for testing purposes - the production system will run on RHEL 7. Would I still apply the same steps to load the module at boot?

Thank you in advance!

  • anyone ? I appreciate all kind of feedback Commented May 10, 2018 at 18:42

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I'm loading needed modules at boot, after creating a file xxx.conf in /etc/modules-load.d/ , where xxx.conf is free-form file name and the content of the file is in form :



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