I have multiple HQL's, below is the one example.

located at : /home/ganesh/CopyJobs/hql/

insert into XYZ.exttbl_form_data PARTITION (load_date="$proc_date") select FORM_DATA_ID,FORM_ID,USER_ID,INTERACTIONS_ID,SUBMISSION_DATETIME,FILEDS from PQR.exttbl_form_data where load_date="$proc_date" 

In the main script im reading above mentioned HQLs as

export proc_date=2018-05-07

while read line
export hql=`cat /home/ganesh/CopyJobs/hql/$table_name.hql`

export hql_final=$(`eval echo"$hql"`)
echo "Final HQL: $hql_final"
hive -e "$hql_final;"

done < /home/ganesh/CopyJobs/config/tables.txt 

where in tables.txt has list of all HQL.

I want to resolve the $proc_date however that not happening.

  • Where are you using your $line value? – Kusalananda May 10 '18 at 6:16
  • 1) in export hql=cat /home/ganesh/CopyJobs/hql/$table_name.hql $table_name.hql in undefined. 2) cat will not replace $proc_date's value. – Archemar May 10 '18 at 6:40

I am not sure $(eval echo"$hql") is a good choice.

  • add a space between echo and "$hql"
  • there are no less than four substitution here, I would have use 3 lines.

I would template hql file, e.g. replace load_date="$proc_date" by LOAD_DATA_TMPL

then, inside the loop

hql_final=$(sed s:LOAD_DATA_TMPL:load_date="$proc_date":g /home/ganesh/...)
echo "Final HQL: $hql_final"
hive -e "$hql_final;"
  • be sure there is no space in $proc_date

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