I am looking for a way to bring help text on sub commands such as apt list.

For example, if I write apt --help, I am getting:

apt 1.2.26 (amd64) Usage: apt [options] command

apt is a commandline package manager and provides commands for searching and managing as well as querying information about packages. It provides the same functionality as the specialized APT tools, like apt-get and apt-cache, but enables options more suitable for interactive use by default.

Most used commands:
list - list packages based on package names
search - search in package descriptions

And I would like to go deeper, and get help on apt list. If I try apt list --help, I am getting same exact help text of apt --help. I know list command supports apt list --upgradable parameter, but I could not see how to show it in the help text.

Any solution on this?


Check the apt manual:

list (work-in-progress)
    list is somewhat similar to dpkg-query --list in that it can
    display a list of packages satisfying certain criteria. It supports
    glob(7) patterns for matching package names as well as options to
    list installed (--installed), upgradeable (--upgradeable) or all
    available (--all-versions) versions.

I am looking for a way to bring help text on sub commands such as apt list.

Typically one would consult the man page for the command

man apt gives information on apt list as well as the other ways to interact with apt.

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