Is there a way on Geany text editor (Linux) to stack tabs, such that there are multiple rows of tabs?

Issue: Sometimes I have open 30 or so files in Geany. But Geany only shows about 10 on average (based on the size of the file).

Desired solution: Specify in a configuration setting how many levels of tabs for Geany to use. E.g., 1 (default), 2, 3, 4, ... max.

More info: Is there a plugin for this which already exists? If not, how feasible is it to create a plugin for this behavior?


You can found the tabs configuration in Geany's manual, chapter Interface Notebook tab preferences. There is no built-in feature for multi-line tabs.

For your plugin related question, there is no one as you expect in the official plugin page : plugins.geany.org

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