I updated my Ubuntu 16.04LTS to 18.04LTS, first I noticed that systemd-networkd is colliding with dnsmasq because it's using the port 53. After some research, I learned that the systemd-networkd is a system daemon that manages network configurations. Of course, I want to solve my problem with the native tools that come with the distro, therefore, I wanted to configure systemd-networkd to do the same thing my dnsmasq did, redirecting DNS queries to a specific name server.

For example, the configuration I was using in dnsmasq for redirecting all the request that came on 'intranet' were going over the '' name server:


I was trying to do something similar with the network configuration in systemd-networkd with the options "DNS" for the DNS server and "Domains" for the domain I want to resolve over the name server:

Domains= ~intranet

I am not sure if its possible to actually do something like that in systemd-networkd and after reading the documentation and playing around with it I didn't come up with any solution, could someone help me with an example?

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