I control my computer's audio using key bindings linking XF86 audio key presses to amixer commands. This works well, unless I am listening through a non-alsa sink such as bluetooth-connected headphones. In this case, the volume is controlled through pulse audio and my key bindings no longer work. Is there a simple way to reflect changes in alsa volume to all sinks known by pulse audio (e.g., such that a -5% change in the master alsa volume would also be applied to all pulse audio sinks)?


I'd say the simplest way is to change your key bindings, and instead of amixer commands, issue pactl or pacmd commands. Wrapped in a script that iterates over all sinks.

Pulseaudio does track the ALSA mixer setting, but only for the sink which is connected to the ALSA hardware, and I don't see an easy way to change this.

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