When resizing a window, the area between the area of the current window and the area of the resized window is colored gray. I would like to either change its color to black, or to not draw it at all.

A picture more clearly describes this: Image showing the gray area.

I'm not sure how to call this gray area, I have tried searching for terms that I deem similar but those searches didn't turn up any results. If you know a better term for this gray area, please edit the question. I'm running a default install of Raspbian.


On the Openbox wiki one can read the following:

drawContents Resize the program inside the window while resizing. When disabled the unused space will be filled with a uniform color during a resize. [link]

How does one set this uniform color of the unused space?


The color of the resize area is defined by the value of the window.active.client.color variable (and window.inactive.client.color) in the Openbox themerc settings file.

In the case of Raspbian, you can find the default settings file used in ~/.themes/PiX/openbox-3/themerc. Editing the file to set the aforementioned window.active.client.color to take as value #000000 will set it to black.

Running openbox --reconfigure will load the new settings without having to reboot first.

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