Operating system: debian 9, varnish version: 5.0.0

I have turned off IPv6 support on my machine and varnish crashes upon start with the following error:

Error: Cannot open socket: :6081: Address family not supported by protocol

I know this question has been asked here here, but it does not solve my problem. Also, I can't find any IP-related configuration option in the config files.

So, how can I run varnish cache without IPv6 support?

  • how exactly did you turn off IPv6? – thrig Apr 27 '18 at 13:46

By default, the main listen address/port is specified in the DAEMON_OPTS variable in /etc/default/varnish file as -a :6081, which means both IPv4 and IPv6, port 6081.

Try explicitly specifying an IPv4 listen address with the port: for example, if your system's IP address is, edit the address/port option to -a

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