XScreenSaver uses DPMS to turn my laptop screen off. I'd like to find out why it's waking up to the prompt again. I enabled logging with log, but it shows nothing useful,

xscreensaver: 22:04:21: logging to "/tmp/f" at Thu Apr 26 22:04:21 2018

That's all that's in the log. Checking /var/log/kern.log, I see

xscreensaver: pam_ecryptfs: seteuid error

How can I debug this issue, what are the likely causes of XScreenSaver waking my display up. I'm using xscreensaver 5.36.


I found the answer in the XScreenSaver FAQ.

If you are using VLC, select "Disable Screensaver" somewhere in the VLC Preferences. (It tends to move around.) It's possible that this will disable the screen saver any time VLC is running, and not only when it is playing. I'm not sure.

For me it was under "Video" preferences. Alternatively in the file ~/.config/vlc/vlcrc you'll see a line

# Disable screensaver (boolean)

Un-comment that and set it to 0, disable-screensaver=0, or you can simply run,

echo "disable-screensaver=0" >> ~/.config/vlc/vlcrc

If having completed the above does not solve your problem, perhaps you're using XFCE and running into problems with xfce4-power-manager?

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