I am trying to use ssh command in the subprocess.call function of Python 2.6.8 on Unix environment to call a remote script, and I need to provide a string parameter (with whitespaces) to the remote script. However, the string parameter is not being interpreted correctly when I run the python script.

Here is my python script :-


 from subprocess import call


print ret


print ret2

I am getting following output with error and returncode 127 for the ssh command with "whitespace string", and the second ssh command is running fine with returncode 0 :-

bash: /remote/path/to/script/test.sh 'Hi There': No such file or directory




The same shell command executes successfully when I run it on shell command line terminal :-


ssh user@host "/remote/path/to/script/test.sh 'Hi There'";echo $?


Hi There


Here is the content of remote script /remote/path/to/script/test.sh (if it helps) :-


echo $1;

You only need to quote the string that is replacing the working version with Hello, namely '"Hi There"':

ret = call(['ssh','user@host','/remote/path/to/script/test.sh','"Hi There"'])
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  • It works.. I am so used to escaping special characters on shell script, that I did not even think about removing the backslashes.. Thanks!! – geek Apr 26 '18 at 9:07

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