Is there any way to give input to background processes or which run as daemon processes?

I was coding some Puppet configuration files and I had to push them to some remote machine. For that purpose I used git.

So I created a bare repository on that remote machine and used a git hook which would update the file after each push. So to update in /etc/puppet of the server machine I need to authenticate as root of that machine... But git essentially does this transfer through SSH (in the background ).

I tried to use /bin/expect to provide username and password for root of the remote machine but it didn't work.

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    I'm sorry I'm not understanding exactly what you're doing or what you're not managing to do. Could you give an example/commands you're running maybe so we get a more concrete idea of the task at hand? – Mat Jul 26 '12 at 6:18
  • see stackoverflow.com/a/4869937/309483 – Janus Troelsen Jul 26 '12 at 15:36

Although this doesn't exactly answer the question you asked, you presented us with an XY Problem.

The answer to your real problem is to set up SSH keys.

  • On the client side run ssh-keygen as the user who will be performing the operation.
  • Copy the contents of id_rsa.pub to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the server.
  • Make sure ~/.ssh/ is mode 0700 on the server.

You will no longer need to enter a password to connect.

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