I am using FreeBSD 11.1

I am unable to find right way to install md5sum package in FreeBSD installation. I need md5sum for Conda installation.

Please suggest if you know anyways.


md5sum is part of GNU coreutils. The FreeBSD port to install is sysutils/coreutils. This will install all the GNU coreutils with a g prefix, so md5sum will be available as gmd5sum.

How to install ports/packages is described in the FreeBSD Handbook.

It is common to install GNU coreutils with a g prefix on non-Linux systems as some of the utilities' names clash with the native base system utilities. NetBSD installs the utilities both with a g prefix and without the prefix but under a separate path, .../gnu/bin.

FreeBSD also has a md5 utility. This is also available on other BSDs.

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