I have a laptop with Linux Mint (Cinnamon desktop). Screensaver setting is to Lock the computer when put to sleep. However, often I see flash of my desktop (the content is displayed momentarily, like Nemo file manager today) before screen gets locked after I open the lid (in case when I closed the lid when desktop was not locked at the time). After I close-open the lid, screen is locked right from the start.

IMHO not very good thing from security perspective. I suspect it takes time for screensaver to act after computer wakes and sometimes the functionality to turn-on the display works faster in the kernel. Is this hypothesis correct?

Is there a way to fix that? Does this happen on other distros of Linux?

  • I've seen pretty much the behaviour with gnome shell on ubuntu 16.04 i'm curious if à fix exists – Kiwy Apr 23 '18 at 8:06

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