I am currently attempting to connect a monitor to a laptop with a broken screen, the monitor works fine, however when I try to disable the primary laptop screen, or mirror the displays, using system settings, xrandr or lxrandr, ubuntu freezes, requiring a restart. Any suggestions on how I could change the displays without this freezing?

The monitor is a fujitsu siemens c15-2, and the laptop is a dell inspiron 9400, with ATI RV515 graphics. I am running Ubuntu 16.04

  • Try this: hold down the FN key, (3 keys to the left of the spacebar), and while doing that press the F8 key to toggle between CRT/LCD. – agc Apr 23 '18 at 7:35

I managed to solve the issue by using the FN & F8 keys to toggle CRT/LCD, which still led to freezing. However in order to fix the freezing, I used CTRL + ALT + F1 to open a virtual console rather than restarting. Upon returning to the desktop, the GUI ran smoothly, with only the monitor display active.

Upon performing a restart, the login screen reverted back to an extended display, but after logging in only one display was active.

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