We have two Linux servers running with the same application and infrastructure/middleware setup (test and production), I want to run a health check program as a cron job every 2 minutes on server A like it already dose on server B.

What did I copy is the script from the sever B, implemented the script in the same directory in server A and added the job to Cron using crontab -e:

*/2 * * * * /opt/xxxx.sh arg1 arg2 >> test.txt 2>>err.txt

The output commands are just to see if the cron kicks the job.

The line which I added on crontab runs as expected individually on command line but it doesn’t execute as a cron job. When I added another job to cron (echo >> test.txt kind of thing), then it worked just fine.

  • I changed the permission of the script to 755,
  • When I exit the crontab editor it confirms the new installation.
  • I have tried rebooting the server several times.

What do you think can I do more to make the health check run as a cron job?

There’s no output in /var/log/cron.


Dear Martin Wood Thank you. The program is written in Java but then it’s the shell script that runs the health check. I get no output by running: run-parts /etc/cron.hourly -v —————————————————

  • Are you getting any output (errors, warnings) in any of the log files? – Kusalananda May 20 '18 at 17:33

Does the script rely on dependencies such as Python or Ruby? Those will need permissions as well. You can test this with:

 run-parts /etc/cron.hourly -v

and see if it encounters any errors. Run as root as this is the uid cron runs with.


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