I am trying to setup iptables + tunnel via ssh and just can't succeed with this.

I am trying to setup a tunnel:

ssh -N -f -L 8500:localhost:8500 root@<ip-of-the-server>

And the connection is dropped due to last row:

sudo iptables -A INPUT -j DROP

Question: what should I include in iptables to allow such a tunneling from specific IP ie my computer?

iptables -A INPUT --src --protocol tcp --dport 8500 -J ACCEPT

for the tunneld port. This allows connections from to port 8500/tcp

iptables -A INPUT --src $IP_Here --protocol tcp --dport 22 -J ACCEPT

For the ssh-connection (This would allow connections on port 22, which is ssh from $IP_Here, which you have to set/replace with a actual IP Address)

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