I'm running few commands on a remote server, by sshpass.

  gnome-terminal --maximize 
  --tab --title='aTask' -e "sshpass -p "afsd@#$5u89f"  ssh root@ 'command1 && command2'" \

So my question is, what if my last command is mvn clean install, then how may I know that the build was successful?

In a way I need to track down my first child process whether it has completed all the commands successfully, so that I can start another child process sequentially.


If you want to run sequentially then the exit code is all you need;

command && echo "it worked"


command || echo "we are having a bad day"

If gnome-terminal or sshpass is not returning the correct return code file a bug report and use an alternative.

If you want to run in parallel use xargs -P or parallel where the

exit status is the combination of the exit statuses of each command ran, ORed together. (Thus, if any one command exits nonzero, parallel as a whole will exit nonzero.)

If one of your commands is returning before execution use an alternative or make your commands adopt an asynchronous design pattern (re-invent the wheel) eg by appending

 ; echo $(date) $? > task1.r

then waiting for all tasks to complete;

while [ $(cat task*.r 2>/dev/null | wc -l) -lt $TASK_COUNT ] ; do
    sleep 1
grep -P " [^0]$" task*.r && echo "we are having a bad day"

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