i've searched everywhere for a solution but i start to think there's something i do not understand in the problem i've discovered on a nagios core installation.

I've configured audio alarms (beep and siren) on status change and if i open my Internet Explorer on a remote client everything is ok. So the configuration is correct. But if i open the same page with firefox there's no audio.

My goal is to let it work on a Centos 6.9 workstation that will be used to monitor the system and, sorry to say, it has firefox installed and we could not install any other kind of browser.

If i manually play the audio with aplay the internal speaker works, but there's no audio from Nagios. I've found some guides that suggested me to install nagios_checker but it is too old for the version of firefox i'm using. There's any other solution or idea on how to "fight" this issue?

Thank you in advance.

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