Related, but this is Gnome Terminal, not Screen

I closed a "tab" (pane? window? not sure the correct term) within my screen session. Is there a way to recover a "tab" lost in this way?

(not dissimilar ctrl+shift+t in a browser)


No. Once a shell session has terminated, it is gone, no matter whether it was running in GNU screen, in tmux, in a terminal emulator or directly on a console.

A web browser is different as it's able to just reload the page in a new tab if you ask it to reopen the most recently closed tab. A browser may additionally keep track of data that you may have entered into forms etc. before closing the tab, and restore this too. GNU screen does nothing of that.

  • As I feared. Thank you. No large loss, but wanted to be sure. Will "accept" tomorrow. – goodguy5 Apr 12 '18 at 14:48

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