I have defined grep as

alias grep="grep --colour -iTHn"

So, the output is:

<filename>  <lineno>  <line with matching word>

Now, with my dark terminal, the filename color is almost unreadable. I can do

export GREP_COLORS='fn=00;32'

to change my filename, or

export GREP_COLOR='00;35'

to change my matched word, but I have failed to do them together.

So, the question is, is it possible to highlight all the field of my grep output with custom value/ colour? Say, 01;34 to filename, 01;32 to linenumber and 01;35 to keyword?


The specifiers in GREP_COLORS are colon-delimited, so you can do what you're asking with this line:

GREP_COLORS='fn=01;34:ln=01;32:mt=01;35' grep --colour -iTHn <pattern> <file>

The details are of course in the manual here.

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