There's an option %y which state the last modification time %y time of last data modification, human-readable

BSD's stat could list verbose information as

    $ stat -x Foo
      File: "Foo"
      Size: 96           FileType: Directory
      Mode: (0755/drwxr-xr-x)         Uid: (  501/   me)  Gid: (   20/   staff)
    Device: 1,4   Inode: 8605007622    Links: 3
    Access: Thu Apr 12 10:28:45 2018
    Modify: Thu Mar 22 09:44:46 2018
    Change: Thu Mar 22 09:44:46 2018

What's the equivalent to %y in BSD stat?


On an OpenBSD system:

$ stat -f '%Sm' myfile
Apr 12 09:40:05 2018 

The %Sm format means "modification time (m), as a string (S)".

Without the S, you'll get a Unix timestamp:

$ stat -f '%m' myfile

These are the equivalents of %y and %Y with GNU stat -c "FORMAT" apart from the slight difference in the %y format output.

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